About Meduchi



Meduchi brings a plethora of experience to the music business………



“The singer-songwriter grew up with music on his mind and it hasn’t left since. Raised by culture-loving, Haitian parents in the heart of culturally diverse Brooklyn, he grew up listening to a melting pot of sounds. He strives to bring his audience that same eclectic feel through his own music.  “In my house, it would be a miracle to hear one genre of music for a long period of time because my parents loved music from different cultures.”

It was during those young years Meduchi realized he had a heart to entertain.  He went on to audition for Holy Trinity High School’s esteemed performing arts program, where out of 400 participants, Meduchi placed in the top 15, based on singing, dancing and improvisation. At 14, he was presented with the opportunity to complete high school in Mexico and he wasted no time in packing.

He credits the country for his swagger. A lot of his confidence on stage was gained from performing on a Saturday afternoon television show in Mexico called, “Mayin Y Chilidrin,” a Saturday afternoon kid’s television show. His smooth voice and funny personality immediately won people over.
Shortly after, he began learning how to produce, write, record and perform most of his songs.

The young music entrepreneur returned to The States with a dream to be the next superstar to represent his city and his Haitian culture.  After the unfortunate events that left the beautiful island of Haiti in rubble in 2010, Meduchi has devoted a lot of his time raising funds through performance and events to aid his fallen brothers and sisters and also brought awareness to the unaware and strength to those who were lacking some, with a song by the name of, “Haitian Earthquake Song,” which alone reached 60,000 plus views. Since then, he has shared the stage with Jamaica’s Mr.Vegas and Haiti’s super band, Carimi – both international artists.

Meduchi is on the verge of releasing his first solo album titled, “Meduchi: Libra Season,” with his first single “No Disrepect.” He’s also currently working on the production of the sophomore album for the international artist, Wanito, set to be released this year.