Yung King Aristocrat Collection


Yung King Collection


This unisex sweater, designed by Meduchi himself, is fit for a ‘Yung King’ of different shapes and sizes. Available in different colors and sizes.  Great gift for loved ones warm and stylish during holiday seasons and everyday use.

Unisex Sweater

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Yung King Apparel: Aristocrat Collection

Every revolution starts with a declaration.  Every declaration becomes a symbol.  Every symbol becomes a statement.   Every statement becomes a mantra.   And every mantra is a code to live by.  These unisex sweatshirts designed by the Yung King, Meduchi, speaks to the inner entrepreneurial king and queen in us all.  Fashion designs inspired by the creative leaders and innovators that are revolutionizing the world around us..

In a city like New York, where time is money, the savvy consumer can appreciate the detailed craftsmanship and time invested in to make these pieces of art.  These designs are all about the textures and colors.  Suede, denim, cotton and polyester mixed with an eye catching display of colors, make for a rich feeling and looking apparel, fit for royalty.

This unisex sweater come in different shapes and sizes. Great gift for loved ones, will keep them warm and stylish during holiday seasons and everyday use.

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Yung King Aristocrat Collection

White & Black (#YungKing), Ash & Red (#YungKnight), Black & Red (#YungRebel), Gold & Red (#YungPheonix), Purple & Red (#YungWizard), Gold & Purple (#YungNoble)


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